Independent Kerb & Concrete

Nelson, New Zealand - Ph 548 6491

About IKC

The Company has the necessary expertise to complete small to medium construction projects, revolving around concrete work. We are able to work with our key selected sub-contractors, to provide a timely quality service and to ensure that our clients’ requirements are met. Driveway and patio construction is also carried out by our experienced staff.

We specialize in working closely with our clients, helping to provide project solutions that are workable, quality orientated and cost competitive. Design & build packages are offered if appropriate.

Our staff take a genuine interest in ensuring that work is completed to the required standards, and they are keen to develop a working relationship with the client to ensure all objectives are met.

Quality systems are in place, to ensure that products are of an acceptable quality and will meet customer requirements. Feedback on quality issues is expected and appreciated. Our aim is to seek continued improvement on our products and services.

IKC maintains a focus on staff and site health and safety. Our aim is to ensure that all work is completed to the Company’s safety requirements. Regular monitoring is carried out throughout the progress of the work, to ensure the work site is always safe and that the safety of the client's site (and of the public if necessary) is maintained at acceptable levels. Site specific issues will be addressed as the need arises.


mikeIndependent Kerb and Concrete is managed by Company Director, Mike Goodyear, who has in excess of twenty five years experience within the construction industry. Mike holds a NZCE (Civil) qualification, and has experience in management of roading and subdivision work, drainage and concrete work, as well as extensive experience in the residential concrete and paving area of the business. He is responsible for the successful operation of the business.

Mike is directly involved in the day to day management of the business and leads an experienced team of skilled staff who have the aim of ensuring that client and company objectives are met.